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Rejestr umożliwia sprawdzenie czym zajmuje się dany adwokat i czy faktycznie ma prawo wykonywania zawodu. Baza zawiera informacje na temat wszystkich członków Palestry i jest aktualizowana w cyklach miesięcznych. Serwis umożliwia wystawianie ocen i komenatrzy adwokatom.

Marcin Jan Książek

Status Adwokat czynny zawodowo
Miejsce wykonywania zawodu Kancelaria Adwokacka

ul. Dyrekcyjna 4
40-013 Katowice
tel. 32-253-96-10, 32-253-78-16

Nr legitymacji
Data wpisu 1988-06-13
Strona WWW
Preferowana praktyka
  • prawo celne
  • prawo gospodarcze i handlowe
  • prawo karne i postępowanie karne
  • prawo pracy
  • prawo rodzinne i opiekuńcze
Izba adwokacka Izba Adwokacka w Katowicach

ul. Gliwicka 17
40-079 Katowice
tel. 32 259 82 50
fax 32 259 66 77

I have been living in the UK for more than 15 years and I do have to admit that one of the thgnis I miss most here is the Dutch dairy, including our delicious cheese, such as pitjeskaas. English cheddar just isn't the same and often very crumbly. The dairy aisles in the supermarkets here just do not compare to what is available back home, with ever new appearing flavours of vla (as I discover when visiting for holidays) and so many varieties of yogurts. My children find it a veritable feast as well and eating vla at the end of the evening meal is one of the highlights of their day when on holiday (and choosing untried flavours in the supermarket as well!). At the end of the holiday I always raid the local Albert Heijn to buy several kilos of vacuum verpakte pitjeskaas (all five of us absolutley love it) and I wish I could bring back a car boot full of karnemelk as well, but that's a bit more tricky Another thing I really miss here are the delicious varieties of freshly baked really dark bread (with all kinds of different seeds), which simply doesn't exist here . Stroopwafels used to be on my miss' list as well until I found out recently that one of the supermarkets here started doing them in packs of 8, made in Wales, but they still taste like the real thing and now I'm never without ! It's interesting to note how each country has their own funny eating & drinking habits, like you mention that milk is considered a children's drink in North America but no so with the Dutch. When I came to the UK I was astonished that squash (ranja) is also considered an adult drink here (we've even got bottles of them in my office kitchen to quench the thirst of my colleages) whereas in Holland that is really considered for children only (well at least when I grew up)!.
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